Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 


Rules and Fishery Guide lines to Stick to:

  • First rule - READ ALL THE RULES! It only takes a couple of minutes.

General fishery rules:

  • The general public is not allowed on site. Memebers, exclusive booking only.

  • Payment on arrival for your full booking, cash in the pay box, bank transfer or paypal.

  • You or someone with you must be capable of using a boat to free snagged fish and retrieve your lost tackle. If you arnt able to do everything you can, within reason to make sure the fish you have hooked is safe you shouldnt be fishing for them in the first place.

  • Book on by messaging James on whatsapp or facebook messenger, the number is on your membership email.
  • Include who you are, the date and time you are planning to arrive AND leave.

  • If you have to cancel let me know straight away.
  • Any booking more then 2 weeks in advanced need to be paid in advance, no refunds.

Book on by messaging James on whatsapp, the number is on your memebership email.

  • Please retain any Bream, Silvers or Carp under 10lb and let James know, we are removing them.
  • ALL your waste to be taken home!
  • Max 8 Anglers on.
  • Close all gates behind you.
  • Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
  • If a fish gets snagged DO NOT pull for a break, get in the boat.
  • You can retain fish but only for a few hours and not in hot weather.
  • Always move fish using a sling.
  • Dogs allowed if well behaved.
  • Please let me know of any lost tackle.

Carp rules:
  • USE the provided unhooking and landing equipment.
  • Lead Clips, drop-off inlines and Heli-Safes only.
  • No Magic Twig Rigs.
  • No fixed leads or jammed on lead clips.
  • Freezer Boilie and Pellet only.
  • Only house particle to be used.
  • No Nuts.
  • Barbed hooks only.
  • Minimum 15lb breaking strain line.
  • No bait boats. 
  • Max 3 Rods.
  • 4th rod allowed for fishing for silvers. (there are rods in the equpiment shed)
  • The boat MUST be used in the case of a snagged or weeded up fish. Use it every time!
  • Go out in the boat, all attempts to be made to get your rig back. 

Pike rules :
  • Temporarily Membership not needed if pedator fishing only.
  • Large landing net and unhooking mat to be used.
  • All nets must be bone dry.
  • Rubber or large mesh nets only.
  • Deadbaiting minimum 40lb braid mainline only.
  • Sea Baits only, lives only from this lake.
  • Semi Barbed or barbless hooks.
  • Wire trace of at least 18 inches in length.
  • Minimum trace breaking strain 30lb.
  • Running leads only.
  • Long forceps and wire cutter are essential.
  • Max 3 Rods.
  • I allow a 4th rod for fishing for lives. (there are rods in the equpiment shed)

Lure Pike/ Perch anglers:
  • All nets must be BONE dry before fishing.
  • Use balanced set ups for the size of your lures.
  • Fishing from the boat by prearrangment only.

Silvers/ tench/ Bream anglers:
  • Use the provided unhooking equipment.
  • Artificials, naturals, ground baits and pellet are fine.
  • Small amounts particle allowed.
  • When using boilies only the frozen variety to be used.
  • Fish heavy there are large carp in the lake.
  • No keepnets unless removing silvers and bream.
  • Use nets provided.