Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 

Aimed at the advanced angler who prefers an old school style venue. The brick pit is an established and historical 4 acre lake situated in 6 acres of land, dating back to the 1800s.  The stock is a mix of 45+ year old Leney style carp and younger hand picked Leney Dink crosses with a hand full of mega fast growings strain fish as well, bringing the totaly number to around 100 fish.

A good head of double figure Pike with the largest 24lb, 3lb+ Perch, specimen Tench, Bream, Eels, Spined Loach, Roach and Rudd are also present. 

The lake is full of features. Such as shallow plateaus, sudden drop offs and depths of over 30ft. With tall reeds, bushes and old trees surrounding the lake providing shelter and the low levels of light pollution providing bright star filled nights.