Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 


£50 - Life time membership
(If in the distant future the lake was to become a syndicate, life time members will be at the top of the list). Once you are a member of Stickney Brick Pit you purchase day tickets or season tickets.

Spring to Autumn Tickets - 21st March to 19th December:
Weekends 24hr or 48hr bookings only (Arrive/leave when ever you like but tickets run from mid day Fri-Sun)
  • 24 hrs - £25
  • 48 hr - £50

Mid Week:
  • 12hrs - £12.50

Winter Tickets - 20th December to 20th March:
  • 12hrs - £10
  • 24 hrs - £20

Season Tickets
  • £150 Winter Carp/Pike Ticket (Novemeber 1st - 1st April Unlimited fishing).
  • £300 All Year Weekdays only ticket (12 Months of Unlimited fishing from Sunday Lunch time to Friday lunchtime starts from date of purchase, membership fee included).
  • £500 All Year Ticket (12 Months Unlimited fishing from date of purchase, membership fee included).

Advanced whole lake exclusive booking are available here.