Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 


Bait for sale

The pellet, maize and boilie are part of the lake feeding program so they see a lot of all 3.

Stickney 15-17mm MEGA sik high protein, slow breakdown pellet:
  • 2.5kg - £10 

Stickney 9mm Fast Break down pellet:
  • 2.5kg - £10 

Group Maize with Molasses and Natrepel - Cooked to order:
  • 25kg for £50

24mm Lake Feed Boilie:
  • 1kg for £10. (Sold Out)

The fishing responds well to large beds of bait april to novemeber, small amounts of bait and smaller size free offerings get pecked apart and eaten by the large silvers that are resisdent in the lake. 

I ask that you let me know in advance if you want bait so A. im about and B. its available. Also please return all buckets after you have used the bait as i reuse them.