Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 

The Lake

Offering some of the best oldskool carp fishing in the UK.

Since becoming an established lake more then a 150 years ago after been hand dug for clay, the pit has become home to many species of local wildlife aswell as flaura and fauna. The old and specimen carp been the icing on the cake. The fishing is varied with many snags and depth changes, the carp them selves respond well to large beds of bait april to november, small amounts and smaller size free offerings get pecked apart and eaten by the large silvers that are resisdent in the lake. 15mm or bigger are recommened both hook baits and free offerings. There is a feeding program which most people like to match by purchasing the maize and pellet combo.

The lake is otter fenced, gated, securly locked and located close to the village of Stickney in Lincolnshire. A secure enviroment that allow anglers to fully enjoy the tranquility that the lake has to offer. 

You can find the location of the lake on Google but we do not allow the general public access, its a private venue only for memebers and exclusive bookings.

The lake has seen names such as Rob Huchinson, Adam Penning, Alan Blair, Olie Davies, Simon Crow, Jason Heyward, Henry Lennon, Greg Ellis and companies such as Trakker, Nash, Nutrabaits, Avid and Subcarp..

There is a toilet on site, 2 aluminium fire pits, a large BBQ on wheels for your use and water at the house, just ask if you need any. We do not do food but there are local takeways that deliver, info for these are on the website. There is a village shop, cafe, chip shop and garage, nearest super market is 10mins drive away. You can drive all the way around the lake and park behind or near most pegs, for a couple of pegs a short borrow trip may be needed.

If you fancy doing some silvers fishing there are a few rods in the eqipment shed for your use. Please use suppled keep nets to hold the fish, as we remove silvers to keep a balanced biomass in the lake.

Please, anything you borrow please return it to where you found it and in the same condition you found it.

This is what the lake looked like when it was a working brickpit in the 1800s!