Stickney Brick Pit - A private exclusive booking and membership based ticket venue.. 


Carp Membership

Once you are a member of Stickney Brick Pit you purchase day tickets or season tickets.

Stickney Fisheries Membership:
£50 Life time membership (IF in the distant future the lake went syndicate, life time members will be at the top of the list).

Day tickets
Available after attaining membership.


Season Tickets
£125 - Winter Carp/Pike Ticket (Nov 1st - 1st April Unlimited fishing).

£300 - Weekdays only ticket (12 Months of Unlimited week day fishing from date of purchase, membership fee included). Weekdays are classed as Sunday lunchtime to friday lunchtime.

£500 - All Year Ticket (12 Months Unlimited fishing from date of purchase, no membership fee needs to be paid with this ticket).

Limited number of memerships are offered at the start of each year, if you dont get offered a place please get in contact. There is a waiting list.

To apply please provide the following info and answer these questions:

  • Full Name, e-mail address, home address.
  • Telephone number and emergency contact number.
  • Do you fish weekends or week-days?
  • The name of 3 waters you have fished recently.
  • Which are you wanting to purchase, standard base membership, the weekday only season ticket or full year season ticket.
  • Are you confident with using a small rowing boats?
  • If you get a fish snagged up will you use the boat?
  • Please attach a few of your capture photographs.
  • Do you have any personal fishing social media pages?
  • Carp, Course or Predator fishing?
  • Can an existing member vouch for you? Please provide their name.

Please use the subject title <*Your name* and Date>.

If your appliction is all over the place and you miss out any of the information asked for you will decrease your chances of been accepted drastically.

Only email this information over if you are actually wanting to join and go on the waiting list.

Once you have put this together please send all the above info to:

You will be contacted by email when a space is available.

Once a member you can buy tickets to fish the lake.

2024 General membership is closed, only weekday only and winter tickets for 2024 available. If interested contact directly.

Apply to get on the waiting list for next year, if you dont apply you wont be on the list.